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Agripool experts

What is an Agripool expert exactly?

An agripooler is an agricultural expert with specific skills, on farming, coop management, finances or in our case youth participation co-hosting various types of pre-designed training. An agripooler is always sent via the coop he of she is active at. You represent this coop, so it's not only about your story, but also about you as a member of your cooperative or organisation.


What do we ask from you in a Youth assignment?

We expect you to read the facilitator's manual very well.

  • That you have a vision on and experience with how to involve and activate youth.
  • We ask you to prepare 2 presentations (instructions are in the facilitator's manual and we can send you examples).
  • And we ask you to make a report of the whole meeting.


What do we offer?

  • We offer a great experience.
  • We pay all your expenses (travel costs, hotel and food).
  • Your coop gets paid for every day you are in an "assignment", in most cases they will pay you part of that amount.

I want this, what do I have to do?

Before you become an official (Youth) Agripool candidate you have to share your motivation and cv with Agriterra and you will be invited for an intake interview with the Agripool recruiter in your country, to see if your expertise meets the profile for the youth programme and also explore what other kinds of assignments and training may suit you.


Here you can find the descriptions of the profiles for the possible Youth assignments and an infographic about the whole process: 

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