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Youth in agribusiness

Agriterra is an international specialist in cooperative development. In agricultural cooperatives, farmers are ageing and the number of youngsters is declining.

This is a threat to the future of the sector. That’s why Agriterra designed a “Youth in Agribusiness” programme, with a variety of interventions and activities.

The programme starts with the kick-off Youth workshop to raise awareness of youth participation. This results in an action plan to involve youth. After the kick-off Youth workshop, the groups who showed results are invited to the Youth Council Masterclass. Every year, Agriterra organises a Youth Leadership Masterclass in the Netherlands, for the most potential young leaders. Within the Youth in Agribusiness programme we also: stimulate low-cost exchanges, we integrate mentorship, support cooperatives to create jobs and work on improving skills and knowledge.

Every cooperative or farmer organisation needs a strategy for the future. They have to recruit and train new generations of members and board members. Young people bring new ideas, new networks and ways of working that give cooperatives a bright future…

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